Monday, October 4, 2010

First post, I hope your eyes won't burn

Ok, so this is my first post on any blog. I'll try to make this as short as I can. I play WoW, and this blog will be about me & fire mages. Now to the really serious stuff. Ok I get frost mages that play that spec because it's very good in arenas for both CC and Mana management. But what I don't get is why mages that spend most of their time in BGs and World PVP play the frost arena spec, or even in 1v1/duels with little to no LoS. In an RNG duel fire triumphs over any spec, even arcane because of its incredible CC and short casts with good damage/mana ratio and the capability of playing with a Hybrid spec. One reason I can think of is that fire has less survivability and more vulnerable to melee classes, but lets be serious isn't Fiery Payback an awesome talent against melees? Well this is my first post so I'll end this here, but stay tuned as in my next post I will try to explain some tactics against some classes. Goodbye for now!

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